5x5 Wavy Transparent Lace Closure
5x5 Wavy Transparent Lace Closure
5x5 Wavy Transparent Lace Closure

5x5 Wavy Transparent Lace Closure

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  • Protects your natural hair from heat damage, over-processing, and stress. This allows it to grow!
  • Allows you to try different colors and styles easily
  • Prevents sew-in wefts and braids from showing
  • No concern with blending and matching the texture to your natural hair
  • Creates a natural hairline
  • Eliminates bad hair days!


  • 16"- 20"
  • Pattern blends with body wave, natural wave, and straight hair
  • Transparent Lace
  • Free Parting
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Single Donor
  • Baby Hair
  • Knots Can Be Easily Bleached
  • 120% Density
  • Virgin  Hair
  • Aligned Cuticles
  • Natural Black
  • Can Be Straightened and Dyed Easily
  • 5 x5″ size


    1. Treat your closure as if it were your own hair. Be careful with chemicals, dyes, rinses, and bleaches. Use them sparingly as they may damage your closure, just as they would damage your natural hair.  
    2. Gently swish your closure when washing. Do not rub or twist. Do not brush or pull hair while wet, as this will loosen the knots.
    3. Allow your closure to dry naturally or use a low heat drying process.
    4. Finger comb your closure, especially curly hair. Do not brush, as this can cause tangling and frizziness.
    5. Tangling should not occur, but if it does, use a mild detangler or a moisturizing conditioner. Gently detangle using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Do not tug on the hair, as this will loosen the knots and cause thinning/balding of the lace/silk base.
    6. Use a long satin bonnet when sleeping.
    5x5 Wavy Transparent Lace Closure