Diva Doll Hair is the industry standard for high quality & service. We have been in business since 2012. Our Dollhouse caters to the total woman by providing our customers with the highest quality of hair at lower prices. We also educate our clients on how to take care of their natural hair while wearing Diva Doll Hair Extensions.
We consult with our clients and customize according to their needs providing them with a total full beauty experience. Diva Doll Hair’s unique experience is designed to make our clients look and feel like queens. Once you wear our hair you will find that it is truly an addiction. We have the best hair on the market!


Diva Doll Hair is 100% high-quality virgin human hair. Our hair has never been processed allowing the hair cuticles to stay strong, silky, and healthyWe provide our customers with a variety of hair that will match their own texture.


Malaysian Straight, Indian Natural Wave, Indian Medium Curl, Eurasian Ocean Wave, & Brazilian Tight Curl. 





Our wefts are thin allowing the hair to lay flat against your head for an undetectable feel & natural appearance! Your hair will be light with movement & lots of body like your own hair. Thinly manufactured wefts do not shed or tangle.


Beauty Supply/ Aliexpress lumpy/bumpy, detectable & unnatural thick wefts. Their hair can be very stiff & heavy with little to no movement. Thick wefts cause shedding and tangles.
Our bundles of hair are 4.0 ounces/ 113.40 grams.
The hair is full and luscious. It doesn’t shed, tangle or mat! Which allows the hair to maintain its fullness overtime.
Beauty Supply bundles/ Aliexpress  hair .97 -3.0 ounces/ 27.49-85.04 grams. They have no consistency. Theirs are thin or sometimes thick. However, they shed, tangle or mat; sometimes all at once. Which causes the hair to break & be thinner. 
Our bundles of hair are strong and long lasting! With proper care our hair will last up to 5 years! When washed our hair will always go back to its original texture. So have fun with the hair. Never get bored! Our hair can be styled however you want! It hair can be bleached or colored. It can also be curled, blow-dried or straighten. With us you will save Money overtime & you are getting what you pay for which is Quality guaranteed!
Beauty Supply/Aliexpress one style, color, & blended textures hair fits all. There is no freedom, no versatility, & no you! Their hair may not take bleach or color. Their hair may not be able to curl, blow-dry or straighten. Because it may burn or melt when heat touches it. Beauty Supply hair usually last 2 weeks to 6 months, maybe 1 year if you’re extremely gentle. There is just no guarantee! However what is a guarantee is that You will end up spending more money to replace that hair!